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Angelica Panganiban, Very Happy With Her New Love

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Angelica Panganiban, Very Happy With Her New Love. Evidently, Angelika Panganiban is thrilled and happy with the newfound love of her life.

Greg Homan’s in person; he is the lucky one and the showbiz queen Angelica Panganiban’s new love. Angelica’s post about her happy relationship status is a piece of happy news for all.

Her controversial love affairs are widely shown to the public and gain lousy publicity and negative feedback with comments that worsen the situation. 

She also gathers sympathies and words of encouragement that strengthens her relationship with friends and family members.

 Her past relationship experiences become a joke that she makes fun of herself during a gathering with her close friends.

Angelica’s list exes include Derek Ramsay, John Lloyd Cruz, J.B. Magsaysay, and the first boyfriend and the long time loveteam Carlo Aquino. He makes everyone fall for him again when he showed interest to Angelica after publishing her book about exes.

Angie’s Instagram account flooded with pictures and posts from her latest vacation on Subic Bay’s beautiful beach first of February.

Caption from her posted pictures gives a glimpse of how happy she is right now.

“Kung isa kang pelikula, sana,, wala kang ending..” A picture of them in a sweet smooch in the lips that gains heart and question from fans, followers, and even friends from the showbiz industry.

“More Sundays with you please,” a picture of her backdropped with a breathtaking sunset on the beach.

Another caption that makes everyone happy for Angelica and Greg is where the actress called the new boyfriend Dad to her pet dog named Roxy.

 “Dad, Mom, make space for me? ‘Cause I’m the cutest” – Roxy.”

Angelica’s stand about relationship and behavior gained praises and admiration after her interview in Gandang Gabi Vice when she asked about things with her excess. As many say, Angelica’s history of bad relationship endings she doesn’t deserve.

And now, for her newfound love, everyone is hoping for the best.

Source: Entertainment.Inquirer

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