Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque Vacation Together

by Admin-Phmp

Written by RB Jane

Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque Vacation Together. After Bea Alonzo’s revelation about her phone’s last video calls log when she and best friend Enchong Dee tape a recorded video for her channel on YouTube.

  The box office queen is now splurging pictures of her enjoying a beach vacation, and fans are so interested in whom.

Many are posting a comparison picture of Bea’s photo updates and her rumored boyfriend, Dominic Roque.

While Dominic and Bea posted updates individually, picture updates seem one piece because the details are the same.

Some even noted the dates and times of the updates are also the same.

Rumor remains a rumor because neither of the two confirms the said travel together and the relationships.

Fans and followers cannot contain their happiness for the award-winning actress and for this handsome hunk Roque.

Bea Alonzo at 33 and Dominic Roque of 30 is a match of beauty and color, both very open for their interest in each other.

Dominic said, “He is in a right person right now,” when he and friends talk about the relationship in general in a video blog taken by Dominic’s close friend Marco Giumabao.

Bea’s name spill in her own video doesn’t even bother best friend Enchong that also send assurance to many that the relationship of the two is genuine and has approval from their set of friends.

 The beautiful white sand beach and the noticeable view deck of Amanpulo’s Villa prove that the said vacation took place in the Private Island.

February 5, when both Bea and Dominic post in their individual account, signifies that they are back in the city.

While everyone is waiting for a confirmation of the relationship, that keeps everyone on the hook and excited. Support, and happiness from family and friends, for both of them, are what matter most.


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