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Written by RB Jane

“Ninang ka!” as Loisa Andalio candidly said to Erich.

The actress Erich Gonzales opens her blog with beautiful greetings for all her fans and explaining what will be the content for the video. Gonzales invited Loisa Adalio and Ronnie Alonte for the said video content.

 Followers of Gonzales and Andalio respectively are very happy, when Erich posted on her YouTube channel a video where the group is having a good time catching up with each other.

Loisa Andalio together with her boyfriend Ronnie Alonte gamely answering questions prepared by Erich.

The Q & A sessions opens with “Sino ang mas mahilig m,ag palano ng lakad?” where the very adorable banter from both LoiNie starts. The couple looks very cute with all the exchange of views and explaining their side.

When the question about the two on considering each other for the future, and suddenly wedding topic pops-up that cause Loisa’s statement to Erich which then brings the trio to laughter’s.

This statement gains public interest on Loisa and Ronnies wedding bells soon.

Erich quickly answer Loisa with “Di ba pwedeng flower girl lang?” which again roars them to more laughs.

The 14 minutes video is full of glee and happiness as the LoiNie’s generously sharing their story.

With the game “whose most likely to” o “makes both Loisa and Ronnie shares their opinions and true side in their relationship.

Watch This Video:

LoiNie talks about growth and choices they made in the relationship. How they come to terms and many adjustments that work for them to choose and stay together with each other.

Even if the topics are on serious note the love season is exploding in the air for all LoiNie lovers and supporters.

Erich Gonzales showing admiration for Loisa and Ronnie for words and advices they all agree. Erich herself shares encouragement for everyone about keeping yourself inside and outside the relationship.

The trio’s happy scene and very comfortable ambiance made everyone feels at home and LoiNies relationship revelations are a very priceless treat.

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