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Hayden Kho out with New Video

by Ellon Labana


Written by RB Jane

Hayden Kho out with new video dancing to the tune of Michael Jackson’s hit song “The way you make me feel.”

Together with his wife, Hayden, Dr. Vicky Belo, and daughter Scarlet Snow clad in love colored outfits to celebrate hearts day. The family is happily dancing, swaying their body as they go around their beautifully decorated set in the video. 

The whole family is very giddy and jumpy with big smiles on their cheeks.

Photo by Instagram

The controversial Doctor Hayden Kho is very famous. It shook the Philippines’ showbiz industry with his scandalous sex videos with past secret girls while being in a relationship with the famous celebrity doctor Vicky Belo somewhere in 2009.

The case with sex videos was put to trial in the senate, resulting in Hayden’s license as a medical doctor declared being revoked.

Yet somewhere along the way, love finds its way to Hayden and Vicky’s love again. They announced officially back to each other’s arms and followed by having a beautiful daughter Scarlet Snow born in 2015, and a lavish marriage in Parish.

Photo by Instagram

A significant factor for the big change in Kho’s life is his being a converted Christian, and he went to Oxford Centre to study Christian apologetics.

Hayden changing in his way of life also brings him peace with the dismissal of his cases, and PRC reinstated his medical license; he also had reconciliation with those with whom he has come to the case.

These celebrity doctors’ movie-like love story becomes a real inspiration to many that gains them followers on social media.

Photo by Instagram

After resuming his medical practice in 2016 with Sexy Solutions clinics and had ventured into Pocket Market and Paylance , he also owns and runs a real estate website called ZoneListing, Inc.

Now, Hayden Kho is a family man, and he spearheads Belo Medical Group’s product and services development department.

The dance video ended with both Vicky and Hayden kissing their daughter Scarlet Snow on the cheek.

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