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John Lloyd Cruz Online Booking App

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Written by RB Jane

John Lloyd Cruz Online Booking App. Cinema One Legends awardee and Star Asia award honorees John Lloyd Espidol Cruz, publicly known as John Lloyd Cruz, is now taking new heights in life.

One of showbiz finest actor takes an indefinite leave sometime in 2017. His relationship with Hotel heiress Ellen Adarna gained too much controversy and was believed to be the main reason for his decision to take off from the spotlights.

From his outstanding performances as his chosen carrier, he takes a silent life in Cebu, where he lives a normal life away from top celebrities” VIPs lifestyle. 

Despite declaring in hiatus, his appearances and cameos still brought so much attention in the industry.

As an artist, his track record brought so much height that put him as one of the most successful artists in his generation.

Cruz is considered as one of today’s most- honored actors in the country and was newly inaugurated to the Philippine Walk of Fame by German” “Kuya Germ” Moreno in Eastwood City, in Libis, Quezon City. 

John Lloyd’s successful projects in movies and television gained box office hits, awards, and recognition.

On Cabuyao City’s official Facebook page posted pictures of the elite actor. It was accompanied by Laguna 1st District Representative Dan Fernandez, Administrative Officer and Consultant of Cabuyao City Environmental Police Mike Aranzanso, and members of the city’s tricycle operators and drivers Association.

Armed with the Tricycle Booking App called “Trike Now,” Cruz presented the app’s details to Cong. Dan Fernandez, G. Mike Aranzanso, and the rest of City Toda officials. 

It seems like the actor has a serious note on his new chosen path of this online world relating to transportation, which is very timely today as pandemic continues to hamper daily activities of travel. 

John Lloyd is pitching to anyone interested in the project, his online tricycle booking app called “Trike Now”.


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