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Joross Gamboa and Roxanne Ginoo Get Married

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Written by RB Jane

After more than a decade, Joross Gamboa and Roxanne Ginoo are back in each other’s arms.

 They married each other for a chance of second love for both individuals who lost love as life progress.

Both single-parent meets in the enter connection story of families with a history of friendship, betrayals, and love.  

Set in the beautiful Lobo in Batangas, Jules and Marge find their way to love again.

January 18, when the two graced the ASAP stage for the new series in iWant. “Hoy, Love You!” has six episodes and part of the iWantTFC series. 

The Series is directed by Theodore Boborol, who has historically started his career on writing with the loveteam way back in SCQ days.

This reunion project is momentum both for the artist and their director.

JoRox is a popular loveteam stand alongside with Hero Angeles and Sandara Park after their stint in reality-based talent search Star Circle Quest premiered on March 1, 2004, on ABS-CBN.

Joross Gamboa and Roxanne Ginoo is an ex-lover, now both happily married, and has maintained friendships through the years. They are pleased to know that fans of JoRox loveteam are still very supportive. 

“This project is very different from our previous ones during our SCQ (‘Star Circle Quest’) days. It is more appropriate for our age while still maintaining a level of ‘kilig’ and a sense of maturity. We will not only entertain viewers but will also try to inspire families, kids, and single parents who want to find love again,” Roxanne says in an interview.

“What’s interesting about this series is that the topic is mature in its nature, but the series is full of humor at the same time. The audience will also have a better understanding of the story since the approach is light-hearted‚Ķ It will impart lessons and will serve as an eye-opener to viewers.”¬†Joross added.

Source: ABS-CBN Entertainment

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