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Kris Aquino Joins the Newest Meme ‘because’ by Using it in a Q&A

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Written by Cheska Alferez

Kris Aquino Joins the Newest Meme ‘because’ by Using it in a Q&A. “Queen of All Media” Kris Aquino has gained wide attention because of a viral meme that became a social media template. She then joined in the fun of her “because” meme.

On her Instagram account, she posted her now-viral ‘because’ meme with a caption of “Ready, Set, GAME!,” February 7.

“BECAUSE… alangan naman kayo lang ang nag enjoy? Ask me anything I can answer with BECAUSE… cutest questions will get answered,” she wrote.

As of now, Aquino’s post on Instagram has already reached more than 6000 comments, including questions about her personal life, career, and including if she will join politics.

An Instagram user asked Kris if she will not join politics. “Bakit you will not join politics?”

“Because hindi yan ina-announce. GULATAN dapat,” Kris answered.

Another Instagram user asked Kris why she chooses to be single.

“Because parating pa lang sya- kaya lang nagka travel ban,” she answered.

Kris also responded to a few of her celebrity friends who joined her Q and A session.

Tony Labrusca asked, “Ate Kris, hindi pa tayo nagkakaroon ng project together because ?”

“Because choosy ka! I miss you!” she replied.

Meanwhile, actress Miles Ocampo commented, “You’re not yet sleeping, because?”

“Patulog na po ate.” Kris commented.

It also filled the post with greetings from her fans since she is about to celebrate her 50th birthday on February 14.

The meme was a screengrab from Aquino’s 2014 interview with actress Kim Chiu for her now-defunct talk show, “Kris TV,” on ABS-CBN.

It comes from Kris’s reaction while patiently waiting for an emotional Chiu to complete her statement after asking Chiu to thank her fans and supporters.

Between tears, Chiu tries to express her gratitude to her fans after an incident, but she couldn’t finish her sentence due to overwhelming emotions.

Aquino urged her to go on with her answer by repeating some of the latter’s words, which included the now-iconic lines: “So na-touch ka because?”

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