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#NasaLazadaYan MV is out now featuring SB19 & Mimiyuuuh

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Written by Cheska Alferez

Lazada Philippines drop their #NasaLazadaYan MV today, January 20, Wednesday. #NasaLazadaYan is a campaign that highlights the platform’s role in helping consumers find what they need.

It featured Ppop group SB19, composed of Sejun (John Paulo Nase), Stell (Stellvester Ajero), Josh (Josh Cullen Santos), Justin (Justin De Dios), and Ken (Felip Jhon Suson), Lazada’s newest brand ambassador together Mimiyuuuh on Lazada’s latest movie video.

With its catchy jingle and lyrics, viewers must be really enjoying watching it! Not to mention are those artists that are part of the music video, SB19 with Mimiyuuuh is a whole level of jolliness. SB19 having their playful and good-humored personalities that match Mimiyuuuh’s cheerful and carefree character, no doubt that the #NasaLazadaYan MV was successfully pulled off lightheartedly.

“Lahat ng hinahanap mo, nasa Lazada yan,” as the lyrics say, All you want and all you need is at Lazada, so go check out different products there while listening to the music video for good vibes while you ‘addutucart’!.

 For sure, those who’ve watched the MV are currently LSS right now! Not really surprising since it has catchy lyrics and tune, even the quality, it’s so captivating to the point that it would really linger in everyone’s mind, Nanananana Nasa Lazada Yan!

As of now, SB19 fans are having a streaming party for the latest #NasaLazadaYan music video with their goal to achieve 800k views within 24 hours.

As part of the new year’s new campaign #NasaLazadaYan, Lazada is challenging all consumers to find what you need and want on the Lazada platform. Aimed at catering to Filipinos’ evolving needs and better serve its customers, Lazada provides its consumers the ease of searching and discovering products through its wide-ranging assortment.

Watch Lazada’s #NasaLazadaYan MV featuring SB19 and Mimiyuuuh here.

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