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New Filipino Group BGYO Debuts with their single ‘The Light.’

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Written by Cheska Alferez

ABS- CBN Entertainment officially launched its newest Filipino group BGYO on Friday, January 29, as they released their debut single, “The Light.

The song was accompanied by a music video that premiered at 8 pm on the same day during a live event attended by the group’s members, who were also seeing the full music video at the same time.

“The Light” – written in both English and Tagalog – shares an uplifting message, with lyrics that speak of changing the world and “following the bright, bright light,” and according to the description on their YouTube channel, “speaks about empowerment, hope, and self-love.” In the video, the group performs their song in different settings. 

BGYO is a five-member P-pop group composed of JL, Mikki, Gelo, Akira, and Nate, formerly known as Star Hunt Academy Boys, the newly- debuted idols were trainees under the ABS-CBN Entertainment unit for nearly two years and still trains throughout the virus lockdown at ABS- CBN’s Star Hunt Academy with Filipino and South Korean coaches helping and guiding them master singing and dancing.

The five boys were first seen on the “ASAP” stage last year performing BTS’s hit single “ON.” The performance was praised by viewers and other artists for their synchronized moves.

As for their performances, the boys have different forte: Akira and JL sang ballads, Nate and Gelo grooved, while Miki rapped.

The track was written by Distract, MU Doctor, and BGYO; and was produced and arranged by Rogan and Ddank. Jang Tae In did the mixing, mastering, and digital editing at Seoul Archive.

As of now, the official music video of “The Light” has already raked in thousand views on YouTube, while the official hashtag #BGYOBeTheLight made it to the top 10 Philippine trends on Twitter, January 30.

Watch “The Light” music video here:

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