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No bill and No Deal for Biden



Written by RB Jane

While Biden facing the growing pressure to secure the trillion stimulus bill that could be a great help to raise the economy and the continuing rival between Republicans and Democrats on terms in the senate both make President Biden in no good position.

Critics raising red flag citing his promise for bipartisan unity and fueled by the Capitol news questions his actions for his goals in taking the presidential seat.  

The pressing need for action and quick economic relief might push Biden to drop Republicans out of the equation and go with the Democrats who control Congress to reach a decision. Realizing that grasping for the two will make him lost more is a near reality.

Choosing one to prioritize will defined who will be his allied force for his whole term as the President.

Senator Elizabeth Warren strongly pointed that it is very important for Democrats to take action and to deliver results for America and having the Republican for that same cause is okay with her,  but otherwise, they prepare to fight because after all their job is for America.

Top supporters saw Biden pursue a bipartisan deal. With Biden’s long track and expertise brought by decades of service in the Senate and experiences as a vise president, it gains favor in the eyes of some GOP.

Still feeling the end of the Trump Administration, on how bad the economic and health-care crisis suffers the nation even before the pandemic.  Democrats hope that Republicans somehow be more considerate of welcoming new points from a rivals corner as longtime lawmakers knew the newly elected President.

The ongoing issues and changes of Beden’s relief plan and federal minimum wage make Republicans hesitate to give full support, as it was different from what it signifies.

Another serious call to Biden’s pleas for bipartisan talks and how the presidential campaign about this is being implemented. 

 “It’s much more successful around here if you try to get the bipartisanship at the start so that it’s a foundation of trust,” Senator Rob Portman.

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