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Rocco Nacino Shares Wedding Details



Written by RB Jane

Rocco Nacino shares wedding details. Yes, you read it right! Actor Rocco Nacino and volleyball beauty Mellisa Gohing already tied a knot with a military-civil wedding.

As Rocco shared a portion of the wedding videos through his Instagram account, “We know that you are all waiting for our wedding video by @niceprintphoto . Here’s a teaser of what to expect tonight ♥️ Thank you NicePrint for these beautiful shots!”

The actor is very excited to share his favorite details about his wedding day; he shared about how hard he and Melissa prayed for everything to be fine. 

“90% chance of rain for the whole day of the 21st. That was the weather forecast supposedly for yesterday. Worrying got the best of me, and was stress eating again, thinking of plan B’s, if I should purchase umbrellas, or even possibly rescheduling everything.

 But I learned that as you raise all your concerns to God, He will listen and surprise you. True enough, we were gifted with the beautiful sunset and weather we were dreaming of. Not one raindrop.”

 He also added how his wife, Melissa, influence him to see positivity in every situation. “As I am someone who easily snaps under stress, I am thankful for this woman whom I now call my wife, who teaches me to see the positive side of every bad situation. I’m so excited for the married life with you my love!” 

The actor also shared his busy journey to book the naval ship where the wedding took place and the many things they have to consider if weather changes, especially the protocols they need to follow because of the pandemic.

As Rocco shares, he is excited to have babies in the marriage; he never fails to make his wife feels very love and appreciated.

 “Blessed to be finally waking up beside you everyday. I love you @gohingmelissa !♥”

Source: Pep.ph

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