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SB19’s Bunso, Justin De Dios Stars as the Dream Boy on Alex Bruce “Yakap” MV

by Ellon Labana

Written by Cheska Alferez

The 14-year-old Filipina rapper Alex Bruce released the official music video of her single ‘Yakap,’ starring SB19’s Justin De Dios, on February 5, Friday.

The music video can be considered as the early valentine treat to the fans of SB19 called A’TIN (pronounced as eighteen ) as it featured SB19’s bunso Justin De Dios.

SB19 Justin is the one who plays the love interest or the dream boy of Alex Bruce in the music video. Time does fly too fast, from the pure boy and hardworking SB19 Justin to dream boy SB19 Justin, kidding!

In the video, both of them shared sweet moments. De Dios exchanged smiles with the hip-hop sensation Bruce such as pillow fights, fake tattooing, and other onscreen activities, on which it straight out only on a dream.

Photo by SB19

The song is as ‘innocent’ as  SB19 Justin, by how Bruce describes him. Just like what Bruce said, “I’m really into Korean dramas, and Justin somehow looked the part: ‘innocently good-looking and very much charismatic’. As a leading man, he really shone effortlessly in terms of acting, and gave us the kilig that we truly deserve,”  only proves how SB19 Justin have an excellent skill as an actor.

The music video is as personal as it gets for Alex, wherein it showed her drawing skills in the music video and featured her Beanie Boo collection. “I love owls, so there’s plenty of them on my shelf — as seen in the music video.

I had a great time drawing and showcasing my artworks for the very first time. I hope it won’t be the last.”

Bruce penned “Yakap” as a tribute to young love. It was a three-way collaboration featuring the 14-year-old Alex Bruce, her dad, and the music producer Cursebox.

The “Yakap” music video is out now via Sony Music Philippines.

Check out the music video below.

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