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SB19’s ‘Ikalawang Yugto’ Has Been set!

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Written by Cheska Alferez 

SB19’s ‘Ikalawang Yugto’ Has Been set!. A new chapter is about to open for the Ppop Group SB19 as they will have their comeback this coming March 9, 2021! 

After the long wait, they are finally coming back! Last night, SB19 announced their comeback date along with a poster of the boys in all of their social media accounts. 

“WhatIsComing 2021.03. 09” captioned on the post. 

They even have a hashtag #SB19IkalawangYugto #SB19WhatIsComing that made it to the trending list. 

Mark your calendar as they are about to give you another explosive and unexpected performance. Expect more great things because Ppop Kings SB19 will indeed significantly impact the music industry that will satisfy their fans and even those who haven’t known them yet. 

Due to much anticipation, SB19 fans cannot contain the excitement anymore to the point that their fandom has made history as they dominated in the Philippines and even on the Worldwide trending list.

Before the announcement, A’TIN was able to dominate the first 5 top trending topics on Twitter in the Philippines and 3 on Worldwide trends. 

What is more fascinating is that after SB19 posted the announcement, A’TIN got more hyped up, leading them to dominate the Philippines trending list from 1 up to 7. Just look at the power and unity A’TIN holds! 

Trivia about the concept photo they posted is that the fur coat Pinunong Sejun wore weights 5 kilos. The font used in the concept photo was made by a Filipino Graphic Designer called “Maragsa.” 

Huge shout out also to the one who styled them @markranque2 and @jmsdvr_. You all dressed them so well, making the boys looks expensive and a King in the middle of a field like scenery that gives off such Western vibes. The eye for fashion is very evident just by looking at what SB19 wore on their concept photo.

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