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Vice Ganda on Showtime Crazy Changes

by Ellon Labana
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Written by RB Jane

Vice Ganda on Showtime Crazy Changes. To make people happy, to share laughter, and to spread positivity’s not just limited to studio audiences but to everyone who wanted to have good time, together with the whole Showtime gang, everyone is free to watch and laugh with all their antics and funny moments.

From his choice of outfits to his crazy ideas and funny side comments, Vice Ganda embodied a different kind of persona who advocates for happiness.

Since he decided to make happy his business, Vice Ganda never stop pushing himself to reach the mainstream and be in frontlines of showbiz especially in the world of comedy.

Many is sympathizing yet extending support and encouragement for Vice and for rest of team Showtime.

As the management is under massive shifting, Vice who’s standing to be the main face of the show expresses his feeling and emotions.

In his interview with PEP, he talks about how hard and crazy to do the show in this high time of the channels transfer and shifting. Vice cited some reasons for the hardship they encounter during the evolution of the show are the changes of platforms, the changes of the kind of audiences, the contestants, and need to be infused with the said evolution.

The comedian also added the things they used to do in the old format of Showtime’s segment’s needs to be changed, transformed and must develop new ways to do it, He shares the things they have to consider especially doing a happy show when everyone is being affected with the pandemic crisis.

“Dati talagang all-out kami, tawanan. Wala kaming pakialam sa mundo. Pero ngayon, we have to be sensitive. Hindi puwedeng masyadong masaya kasi hindi gano’n ang emosyon ng mga tao. Kailangan maaral mo rin, change nang change.”

Source: Pep.ph

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