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VIDEO: Mr. M Speaks “I’m tired!”

by Ellon Labana
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Written by RB Jane

“50 years non-stop, I been working since I was 25”

“I’m tired!”

 “I just wanted to rest.”

Says Mr. M himself.

An Icon and a star builder Juan “Johnny” Ledesma Manahan also known to many as Mr. M.

 Born February 11, 1947, a 6 ft 2 tall Filipino film and television director, actor and writer.

Johnny Manahan on Piolo Pascual and Maja Salvador after TV5's musical-variety show got cancelled. “I talked to them and I said, ‘I’m so sorry for dragging you into this.’"

Posted by YES! Magazine on Tuesday, January 19, 2021

 He is known for grooming and managing actors like a father, being the manager and the magic man for ABS-CBN and Star Magic after co-founding with, since 1992.

Manahan was a mentor to a number of well-known Philippines showbiz personalities, Star Magic talents Piolo PascualClaudine BarrettoAngelica PanganibanDiether OcampoBea AlonzoKim ChiuGerald AndersonJohn Lloyd Cruz, and many others. His legacy with his groomed talents is still very visible in the present time.


Posted by Richard Poon on Wednesday, January 20, 2021

“My lips are sealed!”  Followed with laughter, Mr. M shares when asking about his plans on working to another network.

2020, following the closure of ABS-CBN 2 for not having their renewal franchise of the TV network by both NTC & Congress, Manahan signed up as Production Consultant with Brightlight Productions, an independent company owned by former Negros Occidental 3rd District Rep. Albee Benitez. The said production outfit secured a block time agreement with TV5, allowing Manahan to handle two variety shows the daily noontime show Lunch Out Loud and the now-defunct Sunday noontime musical variety show Sunday Noontime Live!.

 “He should have done the math!”, “I could have save you from the trouble!” addressing to Brightlight owner.

“Hiyang, Hiya ako sa dalawa eh!”  Mr. M pointing to Piolo Pascual and Maja Salvador, who joins him in his venture with TV5 in the SNL show, the aim is to give work to production staff amidst the pandemic.

Watch This Video:

“It is because of our relationship.”  Added Mr. M as to Piolo’s reason for joining him with the project. He said the sweet actor doesn’t even have to work, Manahan feels so sorry for dragging the actor into the chaos.

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