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Pixar Releases Luca’s First Trailer



Written by Cheska Alferez 

The long-awaited first trailer for Disney-Pixar’s Luca has arrived online yesterday, and the Mouse House has now debuted a poster for its latest animated adventure. 

The newly released teaser is as stunning and refreshing as expected. It’s a coming-of-age story about the 13-year-old titular boy(voiced by “Wonder” star Jacob Tremblay), who lives in the Italian Riviera and has an unforgettable summer with his new best friend, Alberto (voiced by “Shazam’s” Jack Dylan Grazer). But they are not just a typical best friend! They’re actually sea monsters disguised as humans. 

The movie’s setting is heavily influenced by Casarosa’s own childhood memories. 

“This is a deeply personal story for me, not only because it’s set on the Italian Riviera where I grew up, but because at the core of this film is a celebration of friendship. Childhood friendships often set the course of who we want to become and it is those bonds that are at the heart of our story in Luca,” director Enrico Casarosa said in an official statement. 

“So in addition to the beauty and charm of the Italian seaside, our film will feature an unforgettable summer adventure that will fundamentally change Luca.” 

Pixar’s Luca is directed by La Luna filmmaker Enrico Casarosa and is set on the coast of Italy at the height of summer. 

This is director Enrico Casarosa’s first time helming a feature film and will be the first full-length directed by Casarosa, but he’s behind many of Pixar’s most incredible projects. 

Casarosa has worked on movies like Ice Age, Up, Robots, Coco, Ratatouille, and several animated shows. He also directed and wrote the short Pixar animated film, La Luna. Jesse Andrews and Mike Jones wrote the movie’s screenplay. 

Luca is currently slated to hit theaters on June 18, 2021. 

Watch the teaser trailer of ‘Luca’ here. 

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