A Must Watch Comedy Movie of the Year 2021

by Ellon Labana


Written By RB Jane

A must-watch comedy movie of the year 2021 is Ang Bababeng Walang Pakiramdam which means “the girl with no feeling” or “the woman who can’t feel anything.”

We sometimes see personal defects less of a person without putting the shoe on for even just a minute, or could you imagine having one even just for a day? Maybe the feeling of being ridicule will set us out of sanity, and maybe just then, we can regard high respect for those who bravely embrace their whole being with defects and continue doing life.

The highest form of artistry is when you can effectively put reality and comedy in one movie, but it still touches the corners of life that sometimes people tried to put aside.

Ang Bababeng Walang Pakiramdam tackles a severe part of the community, but the humor it brings to make everyone laughs with its simple upfront bites of reality is the same thing that will make you shed a tear for this movie.

Portraying a character that represents someone in the very relatable community is an achievement for a movie, but creating a masterpiece that studies multi-points in the community facets many faces of reality is superb.

The struggles in life daily, especially with this person who has a nasal defect that says the words they wanted to say, will always get a bad reaction even to the people with whom they constantly interact.

Movie wise from actors selection, the movie materials, back story, dialogs, and of course, the portrayal does whose directly mirroring what is inside and happening, in reality, will always be one of a kind and tag as the best.

Showing June 11 this pandemic time to make everyone smile, laugh and cry.

Ang Bababeng Walang Pakiramdam claims high honor for the trailers speaks to how the masses receive the movie with celebration for its digital released reaches optimum, and high ceiling victories are posted online.

Here are the movie trailers.

Watch the trailers:

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