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Angeline Quinto Tested Positive on COVID-19



Written by RB Jane

Angeline Quinto tested positive on COVID-19. The Singer-actress did not shut her mouth; instead, she took the opportunity to share her firsthand experiences during her room quarantine after she was declared covid positive.

Angeline tells her story on how she got infected with the virus and shared her learnings.

“I was very cautious. Pero siguro dahil na din po sa pagod, without knowing it naging pabaya ako protecting myself. I’ve been tested positive for Covid19, and the only thing I can do is to pick up myself and be very careful not to infect other people,and then protect and heal myself. Let me share with you the first 7 days of my fight against Covid 19.🙏” 

The whole quarantine experience of Angeline on a video is posted in her vlog content in her YouTube account with the name “Love Angeline Quinto” titled “My COVID-19 Journey”. 

In the video, Angeline documented her journey from when she took the test and waited for the results. She also shares the story in detail on how she got exposed to a carrier that resulted in her be a force to go home from her lock-in shooting site. 

Angeline shows what she set up inside her room to work through online when needed now that she is under room quarantine. 

Angie gives a positive inspiration to everyone who also experiences the same situation as hers and encourages everyone to take extra precautions to keep themselves safe.

Angeline took her time capturing as much as everything in the camera, including her “Suob” experience. All her eating sessions entice appetite even if she temporarily lost her taste buds due to Covid.

Her video is total energy, but it never fails to convey her message of taking good care of yourself, especially this time of the COVID-19 virus. 

In her post update on Instagram, account Angeline shares plain text words saying, “Thank you God for giving me strength to keep going.” This gain wishes of healing from friends in the industry and 16,358 who express their reactions.

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