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Bea Alonzo and Enchong Dee Reaches New Milestone



Written by RB Jane

Bea Alonzo caption her latest video posted on her channel with “Hindi ko talaga alam bakit ko ginawa ito! Lol!” 

The said video recording is Bea’s content for her channel. 

Together with her best friend actor Enchong Dee. They played a game called “Show me your phone,” where the two have to exchange phones and explore and see the other’s latest activities with their device.

In the video, while the game’s mechanics are being explained, they also have a one-time safe word to use if they choose not to open that part of the phone.

The fun game throws many updates about the latest in their lives with some serious topics and funny stories.

ABS-CBN’s 2010 Magkaribal is where Bea and Enchong develop deeper friendship and starts to hang out with each other more than usual.  

While they are working with the same people and the same network with different projects for a long time, the two especially note the time they discover friendship, comfort, and companionship with each other genuinely. 

The closeness turned into a best friend relationship and bonded as brothers and sisters.

Enchong Dee had to use his safe word that leads to Bea’s fun side comments and the roar of laughers, which makes fans and followers to wonder. Bea even saw another thing on Enchong’s phone that cannot be shared with the public, which causes more curiosity to the viewers.

The two agreed that their friendship reaches a certain milestone because of what they discover about each other while shooting the video. 

When Bea Alonzo answered who her last video call record on her phone, fans go crazy about the answer, it confirms rumors that she and Dominique Roque are dating. She mentions Dom’s name more than once with no hesitation, and it seems that the best friend had nothing against with Roque.

Watch This Video:

The friendship shared by these two actors is mostly celebrated with their updates on their individual social media accounts. They share pictures, travel escapades, and most especially with their videos together.

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