Camille Prats clears name after being mistaken as Camille Trinidad of the “JaMill” couple

by Admin-Phmp

Written by Cheska Alferez 

Camille Prats explained that she is not the “Camille” of the “JaMill” social media love team, which was recently the center of a cheating scandal. 

Several internet users have been sending Prats messages of encouragement since mistaking her for Camille Trinidad. Prats shared via Facebook last Thursday, April 22. 

Hi everyone!!! 🙂 Been getting alot of private messages like these.😅 I was also getting tagged and my photo also being…

Posted by Camille Prats Yambao on Wednesday, April 21, 2021

In the caption of her post, Camille wrote, “Hi everyone!!! Been getting [a lot ]of private messages like these. I was also getting tagged and my photo also being posted,” sharing screenshots of the said messages. “Just to clarify something that started out as a joke/meme that I think lead to confusion, ibang Camille po iyon (that is a different Camille),” she explained. 

One of the screenshots shows Prats in a private Messenger conversation with a netizen, clarifying that she is a different Camille. However, Prats clarified that this was only an edited meme. 

Pointing to the edited photo, the Kapuso host said, “I didn’t reply to anyone just like the message shown below.” 

Camille also comments on her post, saying, “GRABEEEE YUNG 1k comments!!!” after it caught the attention of the internet users. 

Silly jokes and memes related to the cheating issue can be seen in the comment section. There were even kind and encouraging comments for Prats from the fans. 

Camille said she “appreciate your kind messages guys but you got the wrong ‘Camille.'” 

Fans seemed to have found the confusion hilarious, as Prats’ post has so far gained over 45,000 “Haha” reactions on Facebook and around 5,700 shares. 

Camille is happily married to her husband, VJ Yambao. The couple tied the knot in 2017. 

On April 17, Jayzam Manabat of the JaMill couple admitted cheating on Trinidad, who has been his girlfriend for ten years. Manabat’s confession came after Trinidad revealed to the public that Manabat had four women cheating on her.

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