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Coco Martin and Julia Montes on Vacation Together

by Ellon Labana


Written by RB Jane

Coco Martin and Julia Montes on vacation together in beautiful Boracay Island.  

While the urges of “coming out” refer to celebrities’ relationship status with other celebrities, they are formally made known to the public. Because of the recent coming out of couples Derek Ramsy with Ellen Adarna and Gerald Anderson with Julia Barretto, netizens have become more pressing to make other celebrity couples come out and confirm their relationship. 

Coco Martin and Julia Montes’s relationship rumors are one of the most followed and intrigued as Julia already gave birth to a baby. Many believed that the father is no other than Mr. Coco Martin.

On Julia Montes Instagram account, the actress posted Coco Martin’s picture captured a happy Coco showing his baited fish in the middle of the sea. The said post is accompanied by a wordless caption of a gift, a heart, and a cake. 

Another account on Instagram with the name Juliamotesunofficial posted a photo of a supposed Julia and Coco with the caption “Julia Montes and Coco Martin spotted together in Boracay💕😍 CocoJul Nation is winning! ❤️”

Cocojulbukayo posted, “What You See is What You Get 👀 Only Uneducated people need explanation to things as self explanatory as this picture. And that’s the tea 🍵 #JuliaMontes #CocoMartin #CocoJul.” 

“Let our response be: Sana All, Julia Montes🤭😍 #cocomartin #juliamontes #cocojul” another post from Instagram under the account name of Cocojulbukayo. 

‘BORACAY BIRTHDAY TRIP YES!!!! 😭🏝️✨ Enjoy, lovebirds!!! 🥺💛 May we see more of your twinning outfits from this very special trip 😚 #juliamontes #cocomartin #cocojul another post on Instagram under the user name Binibiningjuls.

“OH TO BE A JULIA MONTES 😭😭 Swipe ⬅️!!!!! PS: Confirmed na today around lunch time lang po ‘yung airport pics 🥺 Post-birthday celebration nga, pero silang dalawa lang talaga 🤧 COCOJUL MARRIED 😝💛 #juliamontes #cocomartin #cocojul #TeamClingy 😝”  Another post from Binibiningjuls.

An account name Myforeverloves posted pictures of supposed Coco and Julia in the airport and bragged about how wishful it to be a Julia “Mr. Body Guard.! Back, side and frontview…. the one en only james bond! 😂😍 Sana all Coco… ️ #juliamontes #cocomartin Kaya daming buwaya na inggit kay Juls kasi PBG ni Co, PBG narin ni Juls. 😂😅”.

While rumors about the relationship never die, neither one of them confirms the said issue.

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