Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Morada!!!

by Ellon Labana


Written by Erika Faye

Alex Gonzaga has been confirmed to be married to his fiance Mikee Morada based on their latest YouTube vlog.

Alex Gonzaga, 33, and his longtime partner Mikee Morada, 33, admitted that they are married.

In conjunction with his 33rd birthday on Saturday, January 16, 2021, Alex shared on his YouTube vlog that he and Mikee were married in November 2020.

The civil wedding ceremony took place in the family room of Alex’s house in Taytay, Rizal.

Alex said, “It’s over! We’re done, we’re married.

“I am already a housewife and I am already a wife, Mrs. Morada! I’m married. “

Mikee added, “Here we are married, to you.” referring to the area of Alex’s house.

According to the two, their wedding ceremony was simple and attended by their closest family members.

Alex apologized to their fans and supporters because they did not immediately share about their wedding.

The TV host-actress explained, “I’m very, very sorry netizens if I did not share with you what happened immediately is because we want it to celebrate together as a family first.

“And of course, we know the timing too, and then we know there is a pandemic.

“We just wanted to keep it for ourselves for a little while to celebrate, so my husband will take it.”


I am now a Mrs Morada! Sharing with you all the wedding day behind the scenes soon 💖

Posted by Alex Gonzaga Official on Saturday, January 16, 2021

Alex still can’t seem to believe that he is “happily married” to Mikee.

He said, “Finally I can put him to sleep. He can sleep in my room.”

Alex thanked their parents and close relatives for the support they gave when they decided to get married.

Alex said, “We just wanted to thank our family because the moment we said we were gonna get married, they’re all very supportive.

“This wedding is really for our parents because of course, what is happening now, it’s very uncertain. We do not know when the pandemic will end.

“Of course, we want to seal the deal that we are all here, we are all here celebrating.”

Moreover, Alex also expressed his appreciation to his husband.

Alex’s message, “Even though we are at the right age, what my parents request, especially my parents, Mikee respects and we respect that in case we want to be together, we can get married.”

He joked, “So that, we got married and after one night he fell asleep, okay.”

For now, Alex only meets Mikee in Taytay every weekend. This is also due to Mikee’s job as city councilor of Lipa, Batangas.

The two-story house that Alex and Mikee will be moving to is also being remodeled. This property was given to them by Mikee’s parents as a wedding gift.

In December 2019 Alex and Mikee got engaged, but only in January 2020 did they share it at the same time as Alex’s birthday.

October 2020 their wedding was supposed to be held but it was postponed after the two were positive in COVID-19.

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In 2015 Alex and Mikee met. Piolo Pascual introduced the two. In November 2016, Alex and Mikee first confirmed their relationship.

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