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Darna TV Series is Up for Jane de Leon

by Ellon Labana


Written by RB Jane

Darna TV Series is Up for Jane de Leon. From Darna, the movie, to the Darna TV series now. 

The chosen one to star the most famous Pinay superhero series is no other than Jane de Leon. After the long process of choosing the rightful actress to star as the Darna of today.

 She is named after the long process of choosing the rightful actress.

After Liza Sobreno announces her not going to be part of the Darna project anymore, many hope to bag the character. Yet, the panelist to choose is looking for something very significant to be the new Darna.

Darna’s character holds a high and elite reputation in the showbiz world not just because and of the actress who previously portrayed the character but also its historical record in Philippine cinema.

Some of the Filipina artist who is very favored to star the Darna character is Rosa del Rosario, Liza Moreno, Eva Montes, Gina PareñoVilma SantosLorna TolentinoRio LocsinSharon CunetaNanette Medved, Anjanette Abayari, Regine VelasquezAngel Locsin, and Marian Rivera.

The new Darna, Jane de Leon, is very disciplined to train and sweat in her free time, making herself fit for the fast-approaching shooting dates. She is very keen on choosing her diet and following her proper exercises to reach the goal body for the Darna character. The need to gained weight and be toned is one of her goals to achieve.

As the pressure is getting high advice from her co-star in the Ang Probinsyano himself, Coco Martin shares his experiences which also boost Jane’s spirit for the confidence she needed for her role as the new Darna.

While the project’s changes from being a movie to a TV series are both pressure and pleasure for Jane, especially the exit of the project’s director because of the conflict of schedule, she expresses herself by saying.

“While it’s a given that making it big in this industry is extremely difficult, it’s also important that you enjoy and love what you do in order for you to last. I waited for years to get to where I am now. I never rested. I tried to learn as much as I could about the industry.”

Source: Inquirer

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