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DOST Enhances Educational Access with Digital Library in Island Schools in Davao Occidental

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By Vener Zygmond Rebuelta

Digital library launching

The Department of Science and Technology XI (DOST XI) through the Provincial S&T Office in Davao Occidental distributed Science and Technology Academic and Research-Based Openly-Operated Kiosk Stations (STARBOOKS) to four schools located in Sarangani Island, Davao Occidental to enhance students’ access to educational resources and support the advancement of science and technology education in the community.

STARBOOKS is a pioneering initiative of the DOST Science and Technology Information Institute (DOST-STII) that serves as a digital library system containing a vast repository of educational materials, including textbooks, journals, and multimedia resources, covering various fields of science and technology.

The recipient schools of the STARBOOKS units are Pulabato Elementary School, Angel Olarte Sr. Elementary School, Patuco Integrated School, and Alberto Olarte Sr. National High School.

During the deployment ceremony, DOST XI Regional Director Dr. Anthony Sales said that the tools provided through STARBOOKS will be a vital help in improving the quality of education on the island.

“With STARBOOKS, we’re not just bringing information but we’re opening doors to dreams and possibilities, igniting a passion for learning that will shape futures and inspire generations,” Dr. Sales said.

The deployment ceremony, held at Alberto Olarte Sr. National High School, was attended by esteemed guests including Hon. Mayor Adelan B. De Arce, DOST-STII Director Richard P. Burgos, and DOST XI Regional Director Dr. Anthony Sales, PFT, CESO III, alongside PSTO Davao Occidental Provincial Director Maria Victoria Dado.

The introduction of STARBOOKS to these schools reflects a broader strategy by DOST to bridge educational gaps and promote Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics learning opportunities across the country. (PR)

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