Eastern Communications supports DICT in fueling digital inclusivity in the Philippines

by Ellon Labana

Eastern Communications, the premier telecommunications provider in the Philippines, recently supported the Department of Information and Communications Technology’s (DICT) groundbreaking Bayang Digital initiative, a project aimed at enhancing digital infrastructure and connectivity across the Philippines.

In time for National ICT Month, The DICT’s “Bayang Digital ang Bagong Pilipinas” initiative envisions a nation where digital connectivity unites everyone, streamlines government services through technology, prioritizes cyber safety, and creates innovation and growth opportunities for every Filipino.

Through this, Eastern Communications aims to build a digitally inclusive society by supporting government-led efforts and spur economic growth through its advanced connectivity solutions.

“Eastern Communications is proud to support the DICT for its Bayang Digital initiative. We believe that ICT is the cornerstone of a thriving digital nation, and by working together, we can empower Filipinos to participate fully in the opportunities of the digital industry,” said Edsel Paglinawan, Eastern Communications’ VP & Head of Product and Innovation.

Advancing national ICT development

The Bayang Digital initiative seeks to encourage active contributions from the academe and private sector to advance national information and communication technology (ICT) development, foster public appreciation of Filipino achievements in ICT, and promote public feedback to shape the national ICT agenda.

Furthermore, it advocates the adoption and use of digitally transformed government services for a more efficient and accessible system.

The government’s digital transformation journey is marked by significant efforts such as turning key cities into information technology and business process management industry (IT-BPM) centers of excellence and deploying programs like the Digital Innovation for Women Advancement (DIWA), which aims to close the gender gap in the digital workforce and make the industry more inclusive. During an exclusive interview on Eastern Communications’ “Thoughts on Tech” podcast series, DICT Undersecretary for ICT Industry Development, Atty. Jocelle Batapa-Sigue, highlighted an opportune statistic: only an estimated 29% to 30% of women in the Philippines are in the ICT sector, with figures in other countries dropping below 16%.

“The other mandate of the DICT is also about universal access, our connectivity, ensuring that connectivity is also inclusive […] My goal is to make the Philippines a leader in the discussions around digital inclusion,” said Atty. Jocelle Batapa-Sigue.

Other initiatives include generating digital jobs outside Metro Manila, distributing the Philippine Skills Framework, and building talent to fill digital industry jobs.

ICT initiatives for a digitally inclusive future

As a pioneering telco company, Eastern Communications proactively supports the nation’s digital advancement efforts through its tailored ICT solutions, educational initiatives, and strategic partnerships. Its commitment to shaping a more connected, secure, and technologically adept society reaffirms Eastern Communications’  dedication to being a Partner in Progress driving the nation’s digital advancement and economic growth.

“We believe that true progress is achieved through collaboration and innovation,” added Paglinawan. “Through our ICT initiatives and partnerships, we’re committed to empowering Filipinos of all backgrounds to actively participate in the digital revolution and contribute to a more connected Philippines.”

The telco company’s efforts contribute significantly to the country’s digital transformation journey. Its comprehensive range of digital solutions is tailored to meet various business requirements, including high-speed business-grade internet, cloud and data center services, cybersecurity solutions, and managed IT services.

Eastern Communications also recognizes the importance of ICT literacy. With this, it launched a series of educational initiatives, such as enablement sessions “Access Eastern,” “Transcend,” “Sandbox Sessions,” and the latest “Thoughts on Tech” podcast series, which enhance ICT knowledge among businesses and the general public. Thoughts on Tech is hosted by news anchor and broadcast journalist Danie Laurel, initially features tech experts from DICT, Tonik Digital Bank, Mineski Global and Eastern Communications. 

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