Ellen and Derek Engagement after a Month

by Ellon Labana


Written by RB Jane

Ellen and Derek announce engagement after a month of being in a relationship.

Ellen and Derek display great interest to each other first seen in Ruffa Guiterez Instagram post. With both is recovering from the pangs of their previous relationship the two says that they just jive. 

Derek shares that their connection comes in natural and that they instantly relates with each other. Ellen in the other hand keeps everyone jelly with her Instagram updates. 

Affection of her and Derek is very evident with each picture that detractors wows and can rest their cases.

Derek’s ex-fiancée Andrea Torres keep her numb about the relationship and took her time to bloom herself in her career. Andres makes sure she thinks first before she will open her mouth for anything especially when it comes about her opinion on Derek’s new love affair.

Ellen keeps everyone posted with the insides of the relationship with updates and pictures, Derek also posted videos of them together doing a morning routine like brushing teeth together or any funny gest that says a lot of the nature about him and Ellen.

Month after making their relationship public the controversial couple takes the whole scene to a much higher shock. 

Present in the celebration is the couple’s sons from previous partners. The event is much simpler than the other celebrities’ engagement parties but the heart of the celebration is present and Ellen is caught with tears and full of emotions. 

The way Derek and Ellen engagement party is also a glimpse of how raw and natural they are with each other and their whole gang surrounds them. 

Wearing in her finger a unique engagement ring while holding Derek in the face with a caption “GAME OVER” is a funny photograph that sets the couple different from the rest.

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