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Erich Gonzales and Her Pandemic Masterpiece



Written by RB Jane

Erich Gonzales and her timely pandemic masterpiece. Yes, you read it right! This worldwide pandemic has been affecting everyone so much and made everyone bleed. The showbiz industry is not spared from it, causing some to lose their jobs and become emotionally disturbed.

Erich Gonzales is one of the Philippine celebrities who paves the effort to make something that will put little smiles on faces and spread optimism and awareness to the trusted service that all has been loving, especially this times of COVID restrictions.

Food delivery service is being put on a pedestal in this project. From developing the app to its implementation and the stress, every man worked in the food delivery industry facing every day. The operators’ dilemma, the owers, and the delivery riders are being factly shown and tackled here.

With Inday’s long-time love team Enchong Dee on her side, they launch “Enrich Originals.”
Erich timely showcased her talents in acting and her developed skills in directing through this dream project, “You, Me, Maybe.”

You, Me, Maybe has ten episodes; all are available on Enrich Originals account on Youtube. With all other freebies’ videos and contents like the making, the concept, the cast, and the shows after party.

Enrich Originals hitting pointed causes that make this project a called masterpiece. You, Me, Maybe is Erich and Enchong’s gift to their vast fanbase because the movie industry is one of the greatly affected industries today. It may sound like a business venture for both, given their popularity, but mainly for the fans.

They also give means of living to some of their working people in the showbusiness.

The You, Me, Maybe discovers new talents in songwriting as they feature originals compositions to every episode.
The project also tackles and sincerely made tremendous respect for all food delivery industry, especially the riders and all other relative services that become a must-have for today’s situations.

And of course, “You. Me. Maybe.” also makes our hearts flutter with a pandemic love story of love hurt and pandemic ways to find love.

During these times of restrictions on travels and ways to go out and with the government implemented laws for health protocols and safety measures, having a good and positive outlet to get by and carry on is vital to keeping our mental health intact and healthy.

You can watch all the Episodes here.

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