Food galore at Panorama Summit Hotel

by Admin-Phmp

Text and Photos by Henrylito D. Tacio

If it is August, it must be Davao!

After all, it’s the time of the year when the country’s largest city in terms of land area comes alive – not only in color and sounds but also in foods.

Yes, it’s Kadayawan sa Dabaw, the mother of all festivals in Mindanao. It’s known for the affluence of its traditions and the lavish colors of its cultural tapestry; when merged together, the result is an unparalleled celebration.

Inspired by the Kadayawan celebration, the Panorama Summit Hotel is offering throughout the month the following “salo salo” boodle food package: Bighani (good for 5 persons), Dakila (good for 8 persons), and Mabuhay (good for 12 persons).

Those three “salo salo” packages are available only during lunch and dinner time.

Don’t miss also its signature dish aptly called “pancit panorama.” This black sotanghon noodles arrest the flavors of the sea.

If you’re wondering why the color is black, it’s because squid ink is being used. Think of Negra valenciana with a twist. The squid ink reportedly “adds salinity and umami to the dish with a deep smooth sumptuousness.”

Pancit Panorama, which is available in the ala carte menu, can be ordered starting from 10 in the morning until 10 in the evening.

The hotel is also offering a Kakanin Buffet all day.  It’s a variety of Filipino delicacies (like bibingka, biko, and suman, to name a few) and your favorite merienda staples which you can enjoy eating while talking with family members or friends.

Kakanin Buffet is available from Monday to Friday (1 to 5 pm). You don’t have to find it as it is located near the lobby area.

Panorama Summit Hotel is also known for its baked goods. Among those that are available during the Kadayawan Festival are the cinnamon bread roll (wrapped in a moist sugar glaze and crowned with crunchy nuts), garlic cheese cream bun (filled with a lightly sweetened cream cheese), and cheesy ensaymada (coated with buttercream frosting and topped with lots of grated cheese).

You can have these baked goods at New Orleans Café each day from 10 am up to 8 pm.

Panorama Summit Hotel is located at Kilometer 7, Tigatto Road, Buhangin.

So, what are you waiting for? Let your Kadayawan Festival be memorable by celebrating it with a feast at Panorama Summit Hotel. – ###

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