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Haven’s Dew Resort: A paradise away from home


Text and Photos by Henrylito D. Tacio

If there’s a place to be in Bansalan, Davao del Sur, it’s in sitio Balutakay of barangay Managa. There are so many beautiful destinations in the area but there’s one that stands out the rest.

We are referring to Haven’s Dew Resort (HDR), located in purok Neptune (yes, they are named after the planets). A haven is defined as a place where people feel safe, secure and happy. But it’s more than that when you are in this resort. Among other descriptions that can be attributed include retreat, shelter, oasis, sanctuary, hermitage, and hideaway.

Those were what Joel Deligero, the resort’s president and chief executive officer, was thinking when he conceptualized the place. He added “dew” because he observes these tiny drops of water that form on cool surfaces at night when he wakes up in the morning.

“That’s how the name Haven’s Dew Resort came to be,” he said in an exclusive interview.

When he visited Balutakay in 2018, he fell in love with the place. So much so that he bought a land which he first thought of turning into a farm where visitors could harvest vegetables – like cabbage, carrots, potatoes, lettuces, and onions, among others – and wait for the harvested vegetables to be cooked.

But to his wife, the idea is not unique enough (as the surroundings are also vegetable farms). What happens after all the vegetables have been harvested, she asked. What would the visitors and guests be doing? And that’s how a flower garden was born.

When Bansalan celebrated its fiesta on December 8, 2021, HDR had its soft opening with the Pavilion Restaurant as the only available amenity that can be offered to its visitors and guests.

On April 8, 2022 – when people were starting to leave their secluded homes – HDR had its grand opening. This time, it provides family and couple rooms, dome tents, a swimming pool and 11,000 LED flowers that illuminate at night.

Now, people started flocking to the place. Deligero, however, didn’t rest on his laurels. So, even before it celebrated its first anniversary, it introduced the sky bike, zipline and function hall, which can hold special events (like weddings, debuts, and birthdays) and gatherings (meetings and reunions).

In September 2022, about 2,500 square meters of the 1.3-hectare resort was planted to flowers and ornamentals. “We are growing more than 30 different species and varieties of flowers,” Deligero said.

With less than a year of operation, HDR has become a top resort in the area.

He also added some important statues like the replica of the famous Singapore landmark (Merlion), Lady jars, fountain, statues of peacocks and swans facing each other, and a hand (which represents “peace”). It also pays homage to indigenous people groups in the area.

Last March 28, Haven’s Dew received its first national award given by Philippine Social Media Awards as “The Most Outstanding Innovative Hotel/Resort in Davao del Sur.”

Four days later, the resort was again recognized nationally when the Elite Business Excellence Awards bestowed Haven’s Dew the “Premier Eco-Friendly Recreational Resort and Events Venue” in Davao Region.

“There is no secret to the success of the resort,” Deligero said. “It started by having the right people, working on good marketing strategies, and always aiming for excellent service and customer experience.”

Talking about the future, he added, “We continue to explore new things for the betterment of the resort, and many other amenities will open in the next few months.”

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