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IU welcomes Spring with a new album, single ‘Lilac.’


Written by Cheska Alferez 

IU welcomes Spring with a new album, single ‘Lilac.’. South Korean singer IU marks her comeback on Thursday as she drops her highly anticipated album, “Lilac,” along with the music video for the lead single of the same name. 

In the video released, the South Korean idol went on a train adventure and even showed her fighting skills. 

With Spring just around the corner, IU embodies the highs and lows of the season with lyricism hinting towards a love affair she hopes would be the highlight of her Spring. 

According to a Soompi report, the title track “Lilac” tells the story of a couple who happily breaks up after 10 years of being together as Spring comes near. 

The album features 10 songs, including “Lilac” and the pre-released song “Celebrity.” 

The singer gave fans a taste of “Lilac” in January through the pre-release single “Celebrity,” a dance-pop track that explored the themes of fame and identity. 

IU first teased ‘Lilac’ during her acceptance speech at the 35th Golden, where she won Song of the Year for her track “Blueming,” Awards in January. 

Later that month, IU released ‘Celebrity,’ the first single of her album. 

Lilac is IU’s heartfelt gratitude to everyone who witnessed her grow through her twenties.

“I wanted to include a farewell with the message ‘I’m now going onward to my next chapter’ while also greeting my upcoming 30s at the same time.” 

IU is one of the best-selling solo acts in K-pop, a music scene dominated by groups. 

She debuted in 2008 and achieved success with her 2010 song “Good Day”. IU is known for her songs “Dear Name,” “Blueming,” and “Bbibbi.” 

IU is also known for her versatile acting. She had starred already in several hit K-dramas like “Hotel del Luna,” “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo,” and “Dream High.” 

Check out IU’s “LILAC” MV below. 

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