James Reid and His Journey in Making Music

by Ellon Labana


Written by RB  Jane

James Reid and His Journey in Making Music. Shy English boy no more. The PBB alumni who turn to be one of the Philippines’ hottest actors and becoming a music breakthrough James Reid is rowing his kings and aces as he gives his in his chosen tracks. 

He is being paired with Nadine Lustre in the Diary ng Panget: The Movie, a novel Written by Denny. This movie debut James’ career in television and opens to plenty of projects that make him the star he is now.

As the actor develops himself in the industry and pursues music in 2016, he becomes open on why he pursues music.

James shares on being at liberty in making music because he listens and follows himself. Not like in acting that he follows scripts and orders from directors and management.

“If I didn’t go for my dream, I would hate myself.”

He shares his experiences in making his music, from writing his own songs to producing albums.

“Last year was a very heavy year and I wrote this song during quarantine. I basically… It became a time that I was very introspective and I guess this song is a reflection of the insight, of learning to turn these negative things into positive experiences.”

“I started the song myself, I produced it myself. I started just creating a beat… and then I wrote to the song and I had one of my producers Isagani bring in some instrumentalist to bring it more of that live feel,”

James shared things that make everybody knows how hands-on he is in his music and that doing the step-by-step procedure is a long process that needs both patience and passion.

James emphasized that trusting your team in doing collaborations is very important.“There’s always gonna be I guess some Compromise but that’s the beautiful thing about working with a team of people that you trust and it’s always great to bounce ideas off people,”

Source: CNN PH, Rappler

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