Jobert Austria and His Life Stories Before and After Showbiz

by Ellon Labana


Written by RB Jane

Jobert Austria and his life stories of before and after showbiz. Toni Gonzaga Soriano and her ToniTalks podcast on YouTube featured Jobert Austria as the comedian bade goodbye to the glitz and limelights of the showbiz industry.

Jobert emotionally looks back with how his life before, that he lives in an old jeepney owned by a friend.
As a troubled teenager who lost his adopted mother that brought him to the bottom of life with all kinds of disturbing complaints pushed him to live out from his called home and lived in an old abandoned jeepney
The Mr. funny man claimed that he was one of the pioneers who started YouTube vlogging in the Philippines, even if he doesn’t know anything about it at that time.

Jobert Austria and His Life Stories Before and After Showbiz. Jobert shares that he is fondly recorded on video via cellphone during his comedic acts when he is out with his friends that these funny things he perfected through time get him a meal to get by in life.
Jobert furtherly said that those videos posted on YouTube started to reached audiences like University belt that makes way for him to receive a call inviting him to come to 93.9 and tried board work.

 From being a radio jock to TV works and followed with series of television shows.

Jobert reached the top of his comedy career as he was once awarded as PMPC Star Awards  TV Best Comedy Actor of 2017.

Jobert Austria and His Life Stories Before and After Showbiz. With the hype brought by being a celebrity, Jobert drowns himself again with vices that took all his sanity that caused him to try to end his life.
 Lockdown becomes his mercy that Jobert started asking who is Jobert when he is not doing comedy. Depression ate him and brought him back to the bottom of life.
A call from someone introduced as a Christian told him he remembered him and wanted to pray for him, and a moment of cramp in his heart happened.
Jobert continues his life story after he changes ways from choosing to end his showbiz career and makes Jesus his number 1.

For more details, watch the whole video.


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