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Joe Biden joins the roster as the 46th President

by Admin-Phmp
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Written By: Sofia Inid
Sources: The Wall Street Journal (WSJ)
Photo Credits: Markus Spiske on unsplash

It seems like the U.S. elections have come to a dramatic close, where despite the chaotic events that took place, a proper conclusion has been made where it is confirmed that Joe Biden won the election with nothing to support Donald Trump’s claims of voter fraud.

After accepting that he would not serve a second term, Trump gave way for Joe Biden to have a smooth transition into his presidency.

As for the situation at the capitol, the initial one death was followed by 3 others as police told lawmakers to stay on the floor and wear gasmasks until it was deemed safe to come out.

Now that his win has been secured, he will be joining the office on January 20th.

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