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Written by RB Jane

Julia Barretto and Gerald Andersons world. After a long time of waiting for these two actors to open up about their relationship to the public, all ears and eyes focus on these two’s whereabouts.

In Julia’s recent Instagram my day post, the controversial actress Julia Barretto posted a picture of her and her boyfriend, Gerald. Together with a man in uniform giving bags of goodies saying “Thank you for sharing your world to me,” that same picture is also re-shared in Gerald’s my day post in his Instagram with a caption saying, “Doing our little part,.”

Julia and Gerald had successfully kept numb about all the chaos related to them and their relationship. Gerald and Julia kept private about it, even with the entire wild rumors stipulating their relationship. 

Rumors about their relationship started after the 2019 movie, titled Between Maybe’s, where parts of the movie were filmed in Japan.  

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Following Gerald’s controversial breakup with actress Bea Alonzo and Julia’s breakup with Joshua Garcia leads to the tales and the start of Gerald and Julia’s defiled relationship that puts antagonist spell from the eyes of fans and the general public.

While Bea lashed on a series of posts about the uncertain end of her relationship with Gerald, Joshua remains calm and silent about his.

In Moira de la Torre’s Paubaya music video where both Julia and Joshua appeared and seem real to life conversation about ending a relationship that gains plenty of uncalled reactions, both positive and negative, yet still, Joshua remains his cool.

Tito Boy Abunda’s interview with actor Gerald Anderson, where the actor shares a portion of his past relationship, admits his happy heart and confirms his and Julia’s relationship. It both clears the rumors and puts an end to the continuing hearsays. 

Two weeks after confirming their relationship, Julia and Gerald are now more open and free to express their love to each other that posting simple and sweet thoughts is a delight for all you love and support them.

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