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Magandang Buhay Trio Melai, Jolina and Karla Now Starring in a Movie



Written by: RB Jane        

Melai Cantiveros-Francisco, Jolina Magdangal-Escueta, and Karla Estrada’s daily dose of positivity and happiness in the Magandang Buhay show are now to be seen on the big screen.

Yes, it is so true and now showing and streaming since May 7. “Momshies Ang Soul Mo’y Akin,” which means “Mommies your soul are mine,” is the movie title.

The trio gains wide popularity with the term momshies, directly addressing the mommy in their houses, the program’s primary target audience. 

The network’s experiment to put these three individual artists together to host the morning talk show given a lighter ambiance than the usual makes way to a successful show that not just touches the hearts of many but becomes a home of heartfelt stories from the country’s celebrities.

April 18, 2016, when the Magandang Buhay piloted its first episode in 7:30 in the morning timeslot but later transferred to 8:00 AM timeslot. 

The widely positive acceptance for the program houses many advertisements and gains endorsement for products and project launch that also becomes successful.

Melai, Jolina, and Karla become a household name, and that the show’s tagline greeting “Magandang Buhay” is known to be the trio’s identity. 

After running the show for its fifth year, the best way to celebrate its anniversary the shows gives back to its avid fans through a movie.

Momshies Ang Soul Mo’y Akin is a movie by Star Cinema starring the famous Philippine momshies Melai, Jolina, and Karla and just like the Trio’s Magandang Buhay where the tandem is the source of positivity and happiness with heartfelt life stories and life lessons now going another level of happiness in the movie.

Now the trio’s tandem is seen in the big screen to give joy and a light, source of hope and make everyone laugh and stay positive despite all the hardships brought by the Covid pandemic.

A story of love, money, and fame together with all of its twisting stories and laughter’s.

Ladies and gentlemen, let all watch the Momshies Ang Soul Mo’y Akin.

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