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Maymay Entrata Fusing Fashion and Passion



Written By RB Jane

Maymay Entrata fusing fashion and passion. Premiered just 16 hours ago on YouTube, Maymay’s newest single “Di Kawalan” is a very artsy production that gives away and showcase high fashion and recording industry in the Philippines.

 Maymay’s breakthrough in high fashion world internationally makes humongous noise, as she walks the catwalk for the Philippines first. 

Entrata’s slender body and exposure to local modeling way back her high school that becomes her edge when she enters the PBB Lucky 7. 

The lad from Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental, becomes the winner of the PBB Lucky 7 season.

Entrata’s dream to be an actress at the very young age and did many auditions becomes reality for Maymay immediately signed a deal with start magic and started in showbiz industry right after her PBB.

Marydale Entrata not just work her name in showbiz but paving herself in the modeling industry and her achievement is one of the most celebrated.

Maymay’s appearances in the covers of Mega, Expedition, and many other magazine cover with all of the best features and everything is a picture of high fashion and a heart of passion that is innate in her.

 Maymay also proves that working the multi facets of her dreams into reality is in the matters of persistence and hard work.


As singing is one of Maymay’s best being a recording artist herself is also one of the corners she’d able to mark her name.

Amidst the sea of talents especially in Philippines, where the country rains with top and best singers Mary dale made her mark by fusing her model self as the muse of projecting her songs.

With visual influences of other Asian music realm Maymay’s new single in Filipino lyrics is a new taste for all Pinoy music lovers.

Singing and dancing her women empowering piece whose urging women to move on from an unhealthy relationship that doesn’t respect and appreciates you.

This is fusing fashion and passion the Maymay Entrata way. 

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