Medicines at your fingertip

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Text by Henrylito D. Tacio

Photos courtesy of Dr. Neil Humprey Laquihon

Imelda S. thought something was wrong with her. So, she went to a clinic and told the doctor about her health problem. Several minutes of history taking and physical examination, the doctor gave his diagnosis and prescribed medications.

Immediately, Imelda went to a nearby pharmacy, but the medicine was not available. She went to another pharmacy, but the medicine was out of stock. She had been to other pharmacies, but the same story happened. 

There were two remaining pharmacies she had not been to. She was hoping that the prescribed medicine would be available. It was, and so she bought some. When she went to the other pharmacy, it was also available and much cheaper.

Since the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic hit the country, it changed the way Filipinos living, particularly when it comes to health. 

For one, there is limited access to prescribing doctors for prescription medicines. For another, there is no online access to the ordering of medicine in a local offline brick-and-mortar pharmacy.

In addition, patients and doctors have no information on available medicines in the local pharmacy in the community. More importantly, patients and doctors have no access to information on the different prices of medicines in different local pharmacies.

One possible solution to this problem is Reseta QRx. “(It) is a web app comparable to Facebook and Shoppee,” explains Dr. Neil Humprey O. Laquihon, the man behind it. “Doctors can prescribe medicines and patients can order the medicine through the Reseta QRx just like you do with Shoppee/Lazada direct to the pharmacy. Patients can pay online by GCash, debit card or credit card. They can also do it by cash on delivery or pick up for convenience.”

Reseta QRx is composed of three words. The word reseta comes originally from Spanish receta, which means “medical prescription.” QR stands for Quick Response code, while Rx is the symbol for a medical prescription. 

Dr. Laquihon, who developed Reseta QRx, is an internist and occupational medicine practitioner. He is also the chief executive officer and president of Winearch Ventures Corporation. The idea and innovative system were put into reality by the development team headed by Alvin Pacot, web application developer and founder of Panday Digital (which developed numerous web applications like, and, and www.resetaqrxcom).

Dr. Laquihon used Reseta QRx as a QR code in his clinic for easy access and portability. This was in the early January 2020, when the pandemic was just starting. Since it was still in its initial stage, it ran into a lot of issues. He thought it should be pivoted to a more comprehensive multi-sectoral approach that includes doctors, patients, and pharmacies.

This led to the creation of the present Reseta QRx. “(It) is a game-changing app which innovates the process by integrating the doctor, patient, and pharmacy,” Dr. Laquihon says. “Through this platform, the patient can search for doctors in Reseta QRx Doctors directory and can virtually consult. 

“With Reseta QRx app, prescription is made so much easier,” he continues. “No more handwritten prescriptions, no more taking photos of prescriptions, and less hassle typing. Doctors can make prescriptions with a touch and swipe on their cellular phones.

“Once the patient has the prescription in their app, they can order medicines directly to the Reseta QRx,” Dr. Laquihon adds.

One good thing about the Reseta QRx app is that it doesn’t charge consultation fees. “Consultation fee is directed to the prescribing physician in real time through GCash, debit/credit card or actual clinic payment upon the request of the health provider. Consultation fee charge depends on the actual rate of the physician,” he explains.

According to Dr. Laquihon, Reseta QRx supports the local delivery service in the area; hence the delivery fee is not included when paying in the pharmacy. “Delivery fee will be directed to the third-party delivery service,” he says.

All over-the-counter (OTC) and non-OTC medicines can be ordered via Reseta QRx. “OTC can be ordered and purchased directly to the local pharmacy,” he says. “But non-OTC medicines such as antibiotics need a prescription from your doctor. Prescribed medications from your doctor as well as instructions of the medications are saved in your app. Reseta QRx will automatically show the nearest pharmacies which have the available medications in your prescriptions.”

For restricted medicines, Reseta QRx can show which pharmacies have the prescribed medicines. “Ordering and purchasing, on the other hand, should be actual since it needs an Actual Special Yellow Prescription Form to be filled up by a licensed S2 physician,” he explains.

True to its tagline, “quick response medications,” Reseta QRx does not take days or hours to order. “It will only take a click of your mobile phones just like ordering your medicine in real time,” Dr. Laquihon says.

“Waiting time is cut short by the Reseta QRx system since medicine is directed in your local pharmacy,” he continues. “Delivery depends on your location to the nearest pharmacy of your choice. You may opt to personally pick up your pre-purchased medicine at your local pharmacy or you may choose a hassle-free delivery by your local delivery service provider.”

According to Dr. Laquihon, all licensed medical doctors can join and use the Reseta QRx app. They can download it for free. “Ten out of 10 doctors whom Reseta QRx was introduced for alpha testing agreed to use it,” he says. “More and more doctors are willing to use the system for the beta testing.”

On the other hand, all authorized pharmacies in the locality with a business permit, license to operate, and licensed pharmacists are allowed to use the Reseta QRx app. Again, 100% of the pharmacy in the alpha test agreed to use the system because it is hassle-free, no prescription errors, and pharmacy operation is not limited by time and location.

“Everyone can download the Reseta QRx app patient system,” Dr. Laquihon says. “Once it is downloaded, patients can search for all the medicines available in their local pharmacy including the brand and prices of each medicine. No travel expenses and no time wasted.”

Right now, Reseta QRx is alpha tested in Kidapawan City, where Dr. Laquihon is based. Beta tests will be done in the whole Cotabato province. “Once the system is fully tested, it will soon be available in Davao Region, General Santos City and Cagayan de Oro City. Cebu City and Metro Manila will also benefit the Reseta QRx app,” he says, adding that a group of young doctors and information technology practitioners is forming a new tech company that will spearhead the launching of the innovative app.

“In this difficult period of pandemic, economic and social disruption causes devastation to all of us,” he concludes. “Health issues and non-COVID 19-related diseases blow out of proportions. These problems, constraints and difficulties on the other hand provide opportunity to improve our health system and technology. This drives innovation. Reseta QRx app provides us with a tool that has the power to improve our health by just a touch of our fingertip.”

To download this innovative app, visit Just type your name and email address, and it will send you the premier app for free. 

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