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Morissette Amon Broken Hearted Again



Written by RB Jane

Morissette Amon Broken Hearted Again. “My forever first Valentine, I can’t deny that my heart is broken again. I’m so sorry we left,” 

This heartfelt post from whistle singer Morissette rose intrigued and question from fans and followers. 

A sad story from Morissette bleeds the heart of everyone for her loss. Condolences and sympathy from friends and followers flooded in her account.

The singer is mourning about another love of her life that has taken rest forever.

Morissette Amon shared a story of her childhood back in Cebu, where she foretold how she fought to choose and keep Adam during her 11th birthday. She narrated her most keep memories of her and Adam together. The love for each grew fonder that even if they had to stay away from each other, recognition and communication never stopped.

Twenty-four years old power belter of ASAP Birit Queens Morissette Amon recently announced her engagement to her best friend and longtime boyfriend, Dave Lamar. The couples are both enjoying a singing journey in Morissette’s channel. Both auditioned and have a auditioned in The Voice Philippines 2013.

Wish 107.5 Hall of Famer awardee Morissette Amon, is one of Philippines pride; her singing carrier is very highly respected and critically appreciated where she reaches heights of singing carrier first in her kind. 

Her post about her dog shows how passionate she is about things she holds best in her life.

“I love you so much, my baby! pls say hi to Nicole, Sugar, Charm, for us and sing together again at the top of your voices to that.” 

Part of the singer’s caption to her posted picture is that she is very emotional as she remembers all her journey with Adam.

Her 14-year-old pet dog named Adam is another death from her dog family, who lost another love name Luna in July of 2020.

 “Run free over the rainbow bridge, my Adam ❤️💔 Feb 14 ’06 – Feb 02 ’21,” Amon wrote.”

Source: ABS-CBN Entertainment

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