Mr. Matteo Guidicelli Shared Wedding Photos to the Public

by Ellon Labana


Written by RB Jane 

Mr. Matteo Guidicelli shared wedding photos to the public after a year of the controversial marriage with Popstar Royalty and Philippines Pop Princess Sarah Geronimo.

February 20, last year, the secret wedding ceremony of Mateo and Sarah took place in Victory Church in the fourth.

The wedding was followed by a blow of controversies that tainted the event; a year after the event is a ray of sunshine not just for the Guidicelli couple but for everyone who loves them the most.

Following Sarah endorsing the Geronimo, Farm products imply that the family already settles the feud, and the relationship is already patched.

In Matteo’s Instagram account with the name matteog shared series of pictures, the actor said that the photos are taken right after their wedding and his posting it to the public is with his wife’s blessings.

A photo of Sarah’s hand showing the rings in her finger while fixing badges in Matteo’s white Uniform is captured, followed by equally beautiful pictures of the Guidicelli Couple.

One is where the couple ascended to a stair in the middle of the forest-like venue, both dresses in white with smiles on their faces bring everyone to a fairytale where the Prince and Princess take them and live happily ever after scene.

Another photo of the couple is dancing newlywed in the mini-port backdropped with waters that show both performers mimicking a dance step in Sarah’s super hit single Tala.

Matteo’s pictures are to greet his wife for the successful virtual concert accompanied with the caption says. 

 “My wife and I would like to share with you something very special we did right after our wedding.

 I’m always super proud of you love. Congratulations for last nights show! INCREDIBLE! 💯 I love you so much. Thank you for being a “tala” to everyone’s lives. We would like to say thank you to the talented group of people that made this photoshoot happen back in 2020!”

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