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Newest food destination in Tagum City


Text and Photos by Henrylito D. Tacio

If someone tells you that you have a big fat tummy, I’m sure you will burst into anger. But when I tell you that it’s the name of the new restaurant, you may think twice. Why does the man behind it name the eatery as such? Will it not discourage the customers from going to the place?

“It’s a complete opposite of myself,” explained Kristoffer U. Tan, a 37-year-old nurse who turned into a restaurateur. “Actually, we had a brainstorming about what the name of our restaurant would be. Several names came out but those three words kept popping out in my mind.”

Big means huge. Fat is a no-no among Filipinos these days. Tummy represents what you put in your mouth. Now, combine them together, and you have Big Fat Tummy. Add Steak and Seafood Restaurant then you have the newest foodie destination in Tagum City, Davao del Norte.

Don’t get me wrong! The name of the restaurant actually refers to the food they are offering to those who come. “We want our customers that once they have eaten here, they are fully satisfied with the foods they consume,” said Tan, who used to work as a nurse for six years at the Southern Philippine Medical Center (SPMC) in Davao City.

During those years, he also helped the family business. So, when he resigned from his job at SPMC, and it was during the height of the pandemic, he thought of coming up with a food delivery business.

The business was booming as most people in those days were afraid to go out because of the proliferation of the dreaded coronavirus. He liked the food business, but still he wanted to work abroad. But when it didn’t go through as planned, he decided to continue his other plan: to open a new restaurant that is not a franchise yet!

Tan wanted the restaurant to be original, to be unique, to be modern, and to be a hit! Last year, he purchased his first Harley Davidson bike, which was a dream come true. And because of the motorcycle, he decided that his new restaurant would have the bike as the theme.

Because he likes steak, too, and seafood is usually the favorites of most Filipinos, the Big Fat Tummy Steak and Seafood Restaurant came into existence. It is located at the Daang Maharlika Visayan Village Highway (just a stone away from Robinson’s Place Tagum).

Inside, you get to feel the new ambiance which most restaurants don’t have. Believe it or not, it feels like I was in one of the classic restaurants in the United States. You get to see several vehicle plates displayed all over the place (as you go up in its second floor). There’s also a collection of several Harley Davidson motorbikes placed in a “refrigerator.”
On regular days, they serve mouth-watering steaks and ala carte fares (featuring Filipino cuisine and international menu). On weekends, you can have their lunch (P449/person) and dinner (P599/person) buffets. Four to 10 years old are at half rate while kids from 0 to 3 years old are free.

You can come anytime. They are open from 10 in the morning until 10 in the evening. And yes, you can have coffee, too. If you’re lucky, you can hear those mellow songs being played on the piano while sipping your coffee.

So, what are you waiting for?

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