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Passig Islet Aqua Eco Park is Dying?



Written by RB Jane

Passig Islet Aqua Eco Park is dying? The beautiful Islet develops and rehabilitates located at Bato, Santa Cruz, in Davao del Sur pictures that the water is gone and dying.

This small Islet is one of a kind in Mindanao.
A unique islet builds and maintained by the locals with the partnership of the LGU offers a unique stay in the natural waters.
A clean place to visit with customer-friendly staff.


You can reach the Passig islet through a combination of land and water travel.

You can ride a bus or a van route to the south from Davao City bus terminal, to the places like Digos, Bansalan, Kidapawan or General Santos City and Sta. Cruz itself.

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These buses will pass right to the national road and the coastal area of the municipality of Sta. Cruz and some will have a stopover in the Sta. Cruz bus terminal.

From there, you can take a cab that will bring you to the gates of the Islets located in Brgy Bato, where all guests have to register in the logbook.

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You can also take off in Digos City terminal to book a cab transport for a more convenient route.

You will proceed to the passage right after you register, leading you to the boat landing for a short boat ride to the Islet.

The passage is in the middle of the mangrove forest, which for sure a nature experience.

The clear water of the landing and the short boat ride will entice you to swim right away. Upon arrival, Beauty of Passig Islet will make you choose to roam around first and take as many photos as you can for remembrance and capture the islet beauty.

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Now that the Islet is newly open to the public again after being rehabilitated to maintain and develop infrastructure for a more comfortable stay and enjoy the Islet.

This unfortunate thing happen.

But today, May 25, 2021, pictures of Passig with no more waters around the Islet and everything in the surroundings is muddy.

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The clear water then entices the guest to go swimming, and the blues around the Islet are no more to be found.

Is the Passig Islet Eco Park dying?

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