Rica Peralejo Tell All Video Content

by Ellon Labana


Written by RB Jane

Rica Peralejo tells all video content makes noise as it hit the never-before details about herself.

The super hands-on Mom, Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio, takes time off from being a super mommy to her two kids and puts on her glam.

She started as an Ang TV kid and was a public figure at 14 up to having her own rated R segment in the ASAP stage. Rica Peralejo is one of the real eye candy for everyman’s fantasy. She is a beauty and body mostly remembered in her massive shift of genre in the showbiz world that always shocks everyone. 

In her video, she talks about the truth of her having a breast implant at the age of 18 and have them remove last 2017.

At the age of 25, she had her moment in life where she thinks of retirement from the industry. 2005 when her firsts tag along with other friends to a bible study that impact change her full gear in life.

Rica also shares reasons why she decided to become a sexy star and that money is the main reason why she stayed in show business for a long time.

Rica shares reasons why she and Bernard Palanca, her longest boyfriend, broke up after being together for four years. She also pointed out the most common question she gets about the truth of her relationship with Piolo Pascual.

Rica said their relationship is so deep, but she said they don’t have a label with their relationship way back. It is clear to them that they like each other so much and that they talk about the future of being husband and wife, but Rica cleared that Piolo Pascual did not propose marriage to her.

Mrs. Bonifacio honestly tells of her not being a virgin when she meets her husband and shares about her having peace with everything about her past.

 “I don’t get bother by them, I really feel freed from all of that, already. But there are part of my past that I’m only beginning to understand right now. I hadn’t been well, I had mental health issues, and I feel like some of the things in my past are like catching up already and so they got me really really broken.”

Rica added, “God wants to free me from all of the things that hold me back from being exactly the person He wants me to be.”

Rica said that she is very willing to be back in the industry when she likes the project, when her time permits, and when her children are ready.

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