Romblon Best is BonBon Beach

by Ellon Labana


Written by RB Jane

Romblon best is Bonbon beach. The place, water, view, and course to have the whole beach all by yourself if you’re lucky, Bonbon beach is yours to see.

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How to reach Bonbon beach?
A direct flight from Manila to the airport of Tugdan Tablas Romblon is now available.
It will save you from the long trip to Mindoro then to Tablas.

From Tugdan airport, you will ride a jeepney to San Agustin, where you need to ride a small ferry locally called “Bangka” to reach Romblon town.

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When you reach Romblon town, you can rent a motorcycle to roam around the place. The rent fee amounts to five hundred pesos (Philippine money) with a full tank already and pleasing to use for a whole day’s adventure.

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Locals are friendly and will point you directions to an opening and a little more walk that will lead you to a coastline, and you will see the hidden beauty of the best beach in the province of Romblon.

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There is no resort on those beaches that is quite amazing, and be sure to bring your food and pack well for this beach haven is undoubtedly an adventure.

As tourist starts to discover the Romblon secret gem, here are some places you could book your stay while exploring the Island of Romblon province.

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Lonos Bed and Breakfast, Stone Creek House Romblon, Bay Park Mansion, Romblon Plaza Hotel, San Pedro Beach Resort, and more.

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Other beaches you can explore while Roblon is Talipasak Beach, Margies Beach, and Tiamban beach.

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To truly enjoy the Bonbon beach is to witness the sunrise and sunset, experience the walk, the sandbar, and see the Ban-ug island where the sandbar is leading but beware of the wild waves.

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This best beach of Romblon is precisely one of a kind because of its water and most of all you can have an ultimate beach experience all for yourself. 

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