SB19’s Redemption Song ‘Go Up’ Tops on Billboard’s LyricFind Global chart

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Written by Cheska Alferez

SB19’s Redemption Song ‘Go Up’ Tops on Billboard’s LyricFind Global chart. Ppop group SB19 did it again! They once again claimed the number one spot on the Billboard’s LyricFind Global chart with their song “Go Up,” making it their seventh song to rank first on the said list.

The group announced it through their Social media accounts. “Go Up” is now our 7th song to take the top spot of this chart. Keep being amazing, A’TIN!” the group announced on Twitter, January 26. 
“Go Up,” which is the group’s second single, was released in 2019.

The song’s fun fact is that SB19 considered “Go Up” as their redemption song because the said song is somehow the reason they are now well-known and successful. The song is the one that saved them before from giving up. The song is their story as a group and as an individual. True to its lyrics, SB19 really did Go Up!

Earlier this month, SB19’s hit single “Hanggang Sa Huli” also peaked at the top spot while their other hit, “‘Wag Mong Ikunot ang Iyong Noo,” debuted at number one in mid-January.

This is far from the first time SB19 made it into the charts of Billboard, specifically on LyricFind; before this recent top spot, four other SB19 songs, namely “Alab,” “Love Goes,” “Tilaluha,” and “Ikako,” a personal composition of SB19’s leader dedicated for COVID 19 frontliner, have all claimed to make it to No. 1 spot on the said chart in different weeks.

Apart from hitting top spots on the chart, SB19 was hailed for being ranked at the 6th spot among Billboard’s Top Social 50 Artists of 2020, making them the only Southeast Asian act to get into the said list. 
The LyricFind charts rank the top-trending lyric searches through LyricFind’s syndication service, according to Billboard.

Aside from these chart-topping achievements, the group also recently marked another milestone by collaborating with the acclaimed boys’ love series “Gameboys,” where their song “Hanggang Sa Huli” was featured in the show’s season two teaser.  

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