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Skusta Clee Almost a Million for Dance with You Song



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Skusta Clee almost a million for Dance with You Song.  A video upload in Skusta Clee TV on YouTube where the four, namely Angelica Yap, Archie Dela Cruz, Zainab Harake, and Daryl Ruiz, played a game called “Sagot o Lagot.”

This game became popular vlog content because it urges one to answer the most challenging questions to sway from having the consequences.

The team playing is in pair by partners Team Ebs, Angelica, and Archie, versus Team Zeiryl, Zainab, and Daryl.

This four is known to the public because of being a social media bandwagon that has enormous followers.

Angelica Yap is the trending Pastillas girl who then becomes a Showtime segment that gains her name in the industry and her own channel on YouTube.

Archie de la Cruz is a singer-songwriter professionally known as Flow G and a member of the EX Battalion Hip Hop group.

Zainab Harake is one of the fastest rising Youtube stars who gain her blogging mark, hitting nearly ten million subscribers.

Daryl Ruiz is Skusta Clee, also an EX Battalion rapper who also writes his own songs. He is the man behind the hit song Zebbiana, her song for partner Zanaib Harake where views wildly reach millions’ after the two had a very controversial break-up that stirs social media.

Skusta Clee, known for his husky soothing voice, released his another masterpiece song title Dance With You last November 2020 and now counting with 106 million views in three months.

While the game throwing wild questions and given wild answers as well,  a question arose about how much did the rapper gain with his song Dance with you, and yes, Skusta Clee gives his answer saying the nine hundred plus something and further shared that it is where he got to buy his dream car raptor.

For complete details watch the video

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