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The Duality of Man: The US Capitol gets overrun by MAGA supporters


Written by: Sofia Inid
Sources: The Washington Post, BBC News
Featured Photo Credits: Getty Images

It hasn’t even been a full week into 2021 before new news has taken over the internet. A few hours ago, there was news of Trump supporters taking control of the Capitol during a congress meeting to discuss voter fraud and to confirm that Joe Biden truly won the election. Most of the people going to the protest were the same people who were in agreeance with Trump’s statement during the BLM rallies: “..when the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

According to multiple news sources, one woman had been fatally shot; the circumstances are currently unknown.

original video credits, : https://t.co/O8GjiM0PjW?amp=1

These acts have spilled into different states, and people are advised to stay indoors and avoid going out if they can.

There is also a disgusting video going around of two people recreating George Floyd’s death on the capitol’s steps. (do not watch if things like this easily trigger you)

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