The Million Island Club Named Balesin

by Ellon Labana


Written by RB Jane

The million island club named Balesin. A tropical private island paradise with more than seven kilometers of powdery sand shoreline.

This 500 hectare Island Club has seven villages, and each has its unique names, architecture, designs, food, and of course, the seven Balesin villages offer an equally different experience.

Twenty-five minutes away from Manila’s main cities, riding a private plane, and you reach a paradise destination like no other.

With the best blend of royal culture and original mind, Balesin island perfected a self-sustaining art yet kept its specialty on providing the best service and amenities for all the guests.

Viewing the Sierra Madre mountain ranges from afar, you can experience a prime vacation in Balesin’s 14 Royal Villa off the shores of Lamon Bay.

Balesin Island’s renowned experience of a great stay and best-of-its-kind reachest elite circles not just in the Philippines but all around the world.

And because Balesin Island Club is a haven paradise, having the top celebrities visited the island becomes a must. 

Some of the celebrities honed in a Balesin experience are Philipinnes very own fashion icon, Heart Evangelista-Escudero, Kim Chiu, Mr. Billy, and Mrs. Collen Crawford, the couple Dennis Trillo and Jenelyn Mercado, Mr. Dingdong Dantes, and wife Marian Revera, the whole fambond of the Regine and Ogie Alcasid and many many others.

Activities you can enjoy on the island are indoor and outdoor activities, water and in-land, or even infrastructures given their high end in the sports center and the Balesin’s aquatic sports centers, spa, wellness, and others. 

Balesin is a world entirely on its own with the only members who can enjoy private leisure and all its offering, so be a member today and have a great stay in the Philippines ‘ most costly island named Balesin.

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