Up Close with Charo Santos

by Ellon Labana


Written by RB Jane

Up Close with Charo Santos. In Celestine Gonzaga-Soriano’s blogs in her YouTUbe account, she took the hype of featuring the master storyteller herself, Maam Charo Santos.

Charo Santos is the face and the voice of the award-winning weekend show in ABS-CBN Maala-ala mo kaya.

Her story as an example of a truly empowered woman makes her very special and fit for the Women’s Month Celebration for this month of March.

Charo fondly shared how her parents are big fans of showbiz, movies, and his father loves buying a magazine.  Despite having a surgeon father and a mother who is a teacher by profession who loves to sing.

Charo also shares her love for stories that started as a young girl while listening to dramas on the radio and her father and mother’s influences.

Both of her parents have a glimpse of the showbiz industry where her dad had a short stint in the cinema and her mom with singing, but both did not pursue it due to her father’s conservative nature, which later becomes a projection to the kids.

She says she is in a way living in her mom’s dream and that her being as passionate with her crafts are from the roots of her mother, who’s also the one who pushes her to join a beauty contest. 

Charo tells Toni that she never thinks of herself in the path of being a beauty queen despite of the growing crowns she had, but mainly it is because she is an obedient daughter.

She’s been able to travel the world after she won the baron traveler. She had her unforgettable experience as a woman to handle things and realities as a lone traveler, and that where she learned whenever she will be put to the test as a woman.

“That I can be a strong independent woman that I could stand on my own!”

Charo Santos publishes her book titled My Journey, and it becomes a significant book for other individuals and to other female celebrities.

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