Vivoree Esclito Reacts to Showtime Host Jokes

by Ellon Labana


Written by RB Jane

Vivoree Esclito Reacts to Showtime Host Jokes she receives during her guesting.  PBB alumna and the rising sweetheart contestant in the ongoing your face sounds familiar show Vivoree Esclito made an all-out reaction unto body shamming.

The Tuesday episode of the Tagu-Kanta segment in Showtime where a comment comes out unintentionally says where Vivoree’s post came from and addressed.

The Showtime’s host parted into two teams to guess who is the guest singer in the segment, and upon showing some clues where Jugs Jugueta, Vice Ganda, and the rest of the gang started laughing out loud from an uncalled tease.

Although co-host Karylle Tatlonghari-Yuson tries to lighten the impact of Jugs’ comment, “Joke lang!” it seems did not serve its purpose. Karylle even shared that she is also a balbon girl, and that is how it is.

Vivoree is having a battle with self-esteem and very vocal about her insecurities with her hairy nature. She took this situation to address body shaming and the need to stand up for all who have the same issues.

“Ok so I’ve seen some comments about some people body-shaming me. Its fine with me po, none taken, but PLEASE do not do it to others. Some people don’t take it the same way I do. Other’s bodies are totally NONE of your business be sensitive enough to know that.”

Her Twitter account posts made others battling the same pain support her and share their own battles.

Vivoree’s shared on her Instagram story a graphic that says, “Don’t you dare make me feel ashamed of my body,” 

As a truly empowered young woman of today, Vivoree also posted on her Twitter how to answer when someone made an uncalled comment about your body.

“When someone makes fun of your looks, let our response be: “Gwapa/gwapa gihapon.””


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