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Weaving pride of Sama tribe in Davao City revitalized with DOLE’s assistance

Kabingaan Maghambuok

The Sama Tribe is one of the 11 ethnolinguistic tribes in Davao City. Hailing mainly from the southern part of Sulu Archipelago, the tribe found its way to coastal communities, particularly in Southern Mindanao because of their various economic activities. While most of their livelihood involves fishing, Sama Tribe has also been into production of artisanal crafts like weaving and metalworks. Each Sama group distinguishes itself through unique genealogy, history, and economic pursuits.

Within Davao City’s coastal region resides the Kabingaan Maghambuok Settlement, a sub-group of the Sama Tribe. Men are generally fisherfolk, while women are street vendors. Facing economic challenges, especially in supporting education, the women of this settlement aspire to launch a small business showcasing their cultural heritage through weaving and embroidery.

The Kabingaan Maghambuok Association, consisting of 30 members, 13 men, and 17 women, received support from the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) XI. Under the DOLE Integrated Livelihood Program (DILP), the association was granted five (5) heavy-duty sewing and an embroidery machine, along with three (3) double-wheeled grinders, totaling P500,000.00. The business will be situated in Isla Verde, Brgy. 23-C, Davao City. This initiative aims to boost entrepreneurial opportunities and enhance the community’s overall well-being.

With the assistance received, the association produces various products, including pillowcases, weaved placemats, coasters, wallets, and slippers. Projecting an average income exceeding P400,000.00 annually, the Kabingaan Maghambuok Association is poised for economic growth.

The turnover of the DILP assistance was facilitated by DOLE-Davao City Field Office, acknowledging the leadership of Mr. Sabdatol Samlani, the association’s president. Expressing gratitude, Mr. Samlani emphasized the commitment to maintaining meticulous financial records, ensuring transparent monitoring of the project’s progress.

DOLE’s support is seen not only as a means to enhance livelihoods but also as a way to preserve the rich culture and arts of the Sama Tribe. Regional Director Atty. Randolf C. Pensoy emphasized that such initiatives empower communities, enabling sustainable endeavors for future generations. (PR)

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